We pride ourselves on the service we provide each family we serve.

Our funeral home provides a full range of funeral service options, from the traditional religious service to simple cremation. Each family is provided with the opportunity to learn about and discuss the wide variety of funeral service options available to them. The following are just but a short list of services we offer you. However, no two funeral services are exactly alike and we don't provide just cookie cutter funeral services. Each service can be customized to meet exactly what you want. We try to do your way, not ours. Just tell our director what you want, and they will try to do it for you.

Traditional Burial Service

Our firm offers to families both full itemized funeral services and discounted funeral packages.

Each funeral service is planned carefully with you to create a personal funeral services that creates a meaningful legacy tribute to your loved one that will be meaningful to you. Remember, every Life tells a story, so we try to help you to create a way to tell the story that will help you share memories that will last a lifetime for you and your friends.

Funeral ceremonies may be held in church, a park or any other location such as a fire hall, school etc, or we would be honored for you to use our facility. Visitations may be also held at our facility or another location of your choice. You may select visitation times of 6 to 8, 7 to 9 or 6 to 9 and either one day, two or three days visitation with times in the afternoon like 2 to 4 or 3 to 5. You are in control.

Photo display boards are encouraged along with table top displays and other Medias to help you create a personal legacy tribute to your loved one.

Caskets may be simple or customized with Lifestyle corners and head panels. Caskets are offered in both full coach (full open lid) or half couch (cut top lid) the choice is yours.

Outside fraternal organizations are encouraged to participate such as Masons and Knights of Columbus.

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Cremation Services

Cremation: Service Options

Cremation: Final Placement Choices

We are proud that our firm specailizes in Cremation Services offering both traditional style and non-traditional styles of servics and merchandise.  Inselecting a cremation service you want to remember what made the life of your love one special.  The tribue to your loved one can be just that - your tribute.

One of the choices you will need to make is placemtn choice ofr final disposition.  This may be burial, niche, home or scattering. To see many of your cremation choice, select Products on the left, then select cremation merchandise and click on the video which will help you understand the many options you have.

We offer cremation services as simple as "Direct Cremation" to "Full Cremation Services with Visitation and Serviceā€ Cremation is not really a type of service but rather it is a mode of Disposition and the services available are endless.

If having memorial ceremonies it may be held in church, a park or any other location such as hotel reception hall or any other place you can think of, or we would be honored for you to use our facility.

Cremation Choices are: Select the type of service you wish; Select a alternative container for the body to go to the crematory (This is not required by law but is required by the Crematories); Select an urn or other receptacle for the cremated remains to be placed in; If having a viewing then a cremation casket would be selected: A cremation urn may also be selected.

Your funeral director can help you select and personalize the service to fit your individual need.

With cremation your choices are endless. Some families want simple Direct Cremation with no memorialization, no service. Others would like Cremation with a Memorial Service. Memorial Services may be held in a church, a home, school, service or social club or many families no select to have us arrange their Memorial Service in a Hotel Banquet Hall. The choice is yours but we would be most happy to design what makes you most comfortable, for it is your way not ours.

Many families select Cremation because of environmental reason and cost is not a factor. They still want to have a viewing and a funeral service either at our funeral home or a church or other location. This too can be arranging as Cremation is just a mode of disposition. Cremation caskets that are made to burn and are available from an economy price of fiberboard to the beauty of a Hardwood. The choice is yours.

Urns are also available and can be personalizing to reflect your loved ones personal life legacy story. Urns come in Marbleon, Crystal, Ceramics, Bronze, Pewter, Copper and Hardwoods. Keepsake urns are also available to keep your treasured loved ones cremated remains in at home.

Urn Vaults are also available. While many of our small church cemeteries do not require them, many large cemeteries do require them. We recommend them because burial of urns does not protect the cremated remains from the crushing effects from backhoes, vault trucks and other equipment that will drive over the grave and may crush the urn.

Many families select SCATTERING of the cremated remains. Here there may be limitation on where you scatter them, not from us but local government. Public places such as parks may not allow it if owned by the public. There too are special urns for scattering that can be reused or Bio degradable urns. Please keep this in mind, Scattering is an irreversible process. Once it is done, it is done and can not be re-collected. We recommend to all families that may wish to scatter cremated remains that you keep some back for either burial or other keepsake use so if at a latter time you have a change in mind or heart, you still have some to do what else you may want to do with them. Again the choice is yours.

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Forwarding of Remains

We provide assistance to families who are not planning on having services here but need the body transported to another location in the country or world. Mr. Lochstampfor is an embalming specialist with a nationwide mortuary service specializing in forwarding of remains to other funeral homes. Our firm does many things that other funeral homes don't to assure you loved ones remains are protected to the best of their ability during transit.

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Receiving of Remains

We provide assistance to families who are not living here but are looking at returning back here to have their family member services here.

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Immediate Burial

We provide assistance to families who may not want large funerals and wish the body not to be embalmed but buried as soon as possible. Embalming is not required by law in any of the 50 states, however, Pennsylvania law does required it after 24 hours if the body can not reach its final disposition and refrigeration is not available. Refrigeration charges may be incurred with this service to provide it at an additional cost.

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Anatomical Gift (Medical Donation of the Body)

While many states have Anatomical Boards who arrange for the transport of your loved ones body to the anatomical gift facility, Pennsylvania does not.

In Pennsylvania, you will need to contact a local funeral home to arrange for the transportation of your loved one from our area to the facility they are to go to. In addition, the funeral home will take care of all of the necessary paper such as the death certificate and certified copies of death for you. Most families loved ones go to Hershey Medical Center.

Maryland: While Maryland does have an Anatomical Board, they can not come across the Pennsylvania/Maryland line. This means if the death occurs in Pennsylvania, you will need to make arrangements to have the body transported across the line to Maryland and possibly to Baltimore. A local funeral home again would act on your behalf and transport the body, obtain death certificate and complete other paperwork.

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Assistance with VA, and Life Insurance Paperwork

We assist those families who wish us to with all paperwork with life insurance. A licensed Life Insurance agent will help with the obtaining of form and filing. (Not available with limited cremation package.)

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We have several Bagpipest who are willing to play for funeral services if available.

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In recent years we have had several request for White Doves (or White Rock Homing pigeons) to be released at the end of the funeral or memorial service at the cemetery.

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Payment Plans

Our firm works with families of all financial needs. To help them be able to pay for the services the select we payments can be made in the following manor.

  • Cash
  • Pre-paid through the funeral homes trust plan. (We offer both Price Guarantee and Non-Price Guarantee - your choice)
  • Master Card or Visa
  • Assignment of pre-existing life insurance
  • Pre-paid trust set up on your own. (for Medicaid, this must be done 5 years prior to need)
  • Funeral financing through finance company. (PAYMENT PLAN)

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Funeral Preplanning and Advance Payment Service

Please see our section on Preplanning.

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